Buy Chemdawg OG Strain

Buy Chemdawg OG Strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid – 55% Indica – 45% Sativa
THC: 19% CBD: <1% CBN: <0.1%
With a near-even balance between sativa and indica (sativa/indica ratio 45:55), Chemdawg Strain delivers on both fronts. A clear cerebral high drives creativity while a stony, sleepy body high fights insomnia and relaxes the muscles. This strain has THC levels up to 19%, meaning it’s more potent than most. It has a powerful spicy, plant-like taste and smell with a hint of diesel; the aroma alone can alert snoopy neighbors to even a carefully concealed pot grow. Not surprisingly, Chemdawg is used to produce Sour Diesel, one of the world’s most popular strains. Little is known about Chemdawg’s history or genetics, though there are urban legends involving a Grateful Dead concert, a handful of seeds, and a grower named Chemdawg. Best for anxiety and pain, this strain is also helpful with depression and ADHD, as well as migraines, arthritis, and PMS. Dry mouth and dry eyes are possible when using this strain, while other side effects are less likely. Chemdawg is most popular on the West Coast, in Nevada, and in Colorado. It’s possible to find on the black market but doesn’t come around very often.

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Buy Chemdawg OG Strain – Order Chemdawg OG Cannabis Strain Online

Buy Chemdawg OG Strain | Order Chemdawg OG Cannabis Strain Online | Chemdawg OG Cannabis Strain For Sale

in the background

Generally, OG Chem, likewise called Chem OG, is a sativa-prevailing cross between two unbelievable strains, Chemdawg and OG Kush.

For instance, Like most cannabis strains, Chemdawg lean towards a dry and warm environment. Then, At the end of the day, Chemdawg seeds will fill rapidly in a Mediterranean locale, like Southern California.

In addition, To develop Chemdawg, a temperature scope of 60-80°F is ideal. In any case, dunking into the 50°F territory is a reasonable low-end, and ascending however high as 90°F may be adequate. However, Temperatures outside of these reaches may create an adverse consequence on development.

Moreover, Quite possibly the main contemplations when developing Chemdawg seeds concerning environment is the relative moistness. More so, Chemdawg loathes significant degrees of dampness yet rather inclines toward a RH of 45% and less.

Before, Chemdawg is defenseless to shape, within sight, which implies your indoor or open air climate should have the way to guarantee dampness levels don’t penetrate half.

Buy Chemdawg OG Strain | Order Chemdawg OG Cannabis Strain Online | Chemdawg OG Cannabis Seeds For Sale Worldwide Shipping

Furthermore, Chemdawg may get done with blooming in just 7-weeks, which is an ideal measure of time for by far most of producers. Nonetheless, you will probably discover an aggregate that finishes its blooming cycle in 9-weeks.

Notwithstanding, When developing Chemdawg seeds inside, particularly in aqua-farming, the blossoming time can be between 7 two months. Simultaneously, Ensure that you utilize a loupe to check the trichome shading to confirm that your Chemdawg plants are prepared for collect.

To add to, When developing Chemdawg seeds outside, you will probably pull down a plentiful reap in October.

Buy Chemdawg OG Strain | Order Chemdawg OG Cannabis Strain Online | Chemdawg OG Cannabis Strain For Sale

In the meantime, Probably the most compelling motivation why producers float towards Chemdawg seeds is on the grounds that they yield boatloads of trichome-covered buds.

Inside, Chemdawg seeds will remunerate cultivators with more than 800-grams per meter squared. So, At the point when developed outside, Chemdawg can dump 800-grams per plant. As should be obvious, Chemdawg is ideal for home producers and since, business cultivators the same.

Afterwards, Chemdawg seeds are energetic, and at the same time, they are quick producers. Most important, When developing Chemdawg inside with restricted space, meanwhile, it’s suggested that you utilize the Screen of Green (ScrOG) strategy.

Chemdawg Details

Aromas: Diesel, Earthy, Pungent
Flavors: Chemical, Diesel, Pine
Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
Remedies: Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress
Quantities Prices
30 grams (1 Ounce) $310
250 grams (Half Pound) $600
500 grams (1 Pound) $1200


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