Order Top Blue Moon Marijuana Strain Now Available For Both Bulk Or Small Quantity Demand


Order Top Blue Moon Marijuana Strain Now Available For Both Bulk Or Small Quantity Demand


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Blue Moonrocks Marijuana Strain Information

The indica-prevailing half and half weed strain Blue Moon Rocks delivers a skunky yet pleasant aroma and flavor suggestive of berries with some asserting connotations of lavender. Its gather prepared buds are thick and round, covered with tacky tar and purple tints.

THC levels of this strain have known to reach 24% and normal not a long way from this number. Its high will produce a solid yet quieting body buzz that inspires the spirits and incites a condition of unwinding. The consumer will be shipped to an euphoric state while tiredness results, making this strain best for evenings and night. It can alleviate gentle muscle fits and persistent torment, alongside cerebral pains and a bad-mood.

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are normal, for certain commentators taking note of some little sessions of paranoia or nervousness.

It requires seven to about two months for Blue Moon Rocks to full blossom, creating your normal yields.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data

Cannabinoid      Amount

THC                        : 24%

CBD                        : <1%

Impacts: Body High, Calming, Euphoria, Giggly, Tingly, Uplifting

May Relieve: Ongoing Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress

Flavors: Berry, Flowery, Fruity, Skunky, Sweet

Smells: Blueberry, Earthy, Fruity, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet

History: Blue Moon Rocks is the little girl of intersection the half and half BOG Bubba and crossover Blue Moon.Blue Moonshine is an extremely intense blueberry indica strain that gives a decent body high. As a genuine indica, Blue Moonshine plants proceed true to form, remaining short to medium tallness and typically blooming by about two months.

Sentiments: Negatives, Assists with Loose 75% of individuals report feeling loose, Euphoric 70% of individuals report feeling euphoric, Giggly 44% of individuals report feeling giggly, Dry mouth 29% of individuals report feeling dry mouth, Dry eyes 17% of individuals report feeling dry eyes, Lightheaded 10% of individuals report feeling lightheaded, Sorrow 34% of individuals say it assists with sorrow, Stress 32% of individuals say it assists with pressure, Uneasiness 32% of individuals say it assists with uneasiness

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

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Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-prevailing crossover go between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. It has a sweet blueberry lavender smell and quieting full-body impacts. Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-prevailing crossover go between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble.


Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

Blueberry moonrocks are made up with unique kief and wax.Its is a from the cross breed family with thc of 31%.Moonrocks are one of the most amazing remarkable weed strains because of it thc strong making customer stay high and quiet like its name.


Type Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Cannabinoid THC 15%CBG 1% THC 15%CBG 1% THC 19%CBG 1% THC 31%CBG 1% THC 15%CBG 1%
Top reported effect
Dominant terpene

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Purchase moonrocks online from the shop that brings to you the best of premium top rack maryjane weed.

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

Our objective is outwitting fire bud to our client that is the reason we ensure every one of our items are Grade A+.

We do offer assortments of our moonrocks assortments to our client so we can fulfill every single shopper.


Partake in awesome of reasonable costs for you quality weed.Medical maryjane is vital to the general public today because of it a few purpose.

We ensure our costs are reasonable for the best of products,order moon rocks on the web.


Blueberry Moonrocks are produced using an alternate kind of marijuana and premium nectar oil. Covered with strain explicit Keif in addition to 5% CBD keif as goes with every one of the Moon Rocks to forestall green-outs just as to give a more grounded impact.

Queasiness Reduction: Taken in little dosages, moon rocks carry truly necessary alleviation to patients experiencing extreme sickness.

The high THC content, joined with a . 15% CBD rating, lessens a patient’s side effects. Decrease Anxiety: Moon rocks are known among pot specialists to give dependable nervousness alleviation.

Blueberry, otherwise called “Berry Blue,” is an indica maryjane strain made by intersection Purple Thai with Thai.

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A genuine A-List weed strain, Blueberry’s amazing status took off higher than ever in the wake of asserting the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best indica.

This sativa-predominant strain is a PCC in-house top pick and overcomes any issues among sativa and half and half wonderfully, offering fiery actual impacts close by imaginative mental incitement. PCC prescribes using Electric Lemonade’s elevating impacts to conquer tension and sickness.

ATS Galaxy Blueberry MoonRock is a powerful blossom: absorbed great wax and shrouded in a lot of kief. Overflowing with Blueberry flavor, these berry sweet MoonRocks will make you take off!

Our Blueberry Above Top Shelf MoonRocks convey an uncommon head and body high, and its incredible impacts alleviate numerous clients of normal medical problems, like pressure, agony, and nervousness in manners other medication can’t. System’s MoonRocks set the new norm.

A moonrock and Cannabis caviar are really exactly the same things, essentially with various names. Certain individuals call them Cannabis Caviar, certain individuals call them moon rocks – caviar weed, maryjane caviar – tomato, tomatoe.

In any case, certain individuals contend that moon shakes consistently have the additional layer of kief toward the finish of the interaction, and weed caviar doesn’t.

This tiny contrast is most likely the best way to recognize the two items. Confounded at this point? Us as well. The convergence of THC in moon rocks is commonly 51%.

This was a very undeniable level and inconceivable when they originally showed up available. Then, at that point, Sun rocks displayed on the scene.

To make sunrocks essentially follow these means:

Ensure you have the greatest OG pot fixings

Then, you need to soak it with a solid pot oil concentrate, as BHO or Co2. Guarantee that they are unadulterated and have experienced a vacuum stove.

When every one of the pollutants are eliminated, cover the OG buds in a dainty layer of BHO. You shouldn’t actually have the option to see the BHO on the buds.

Cover the whole bud in a light cleaning of top notch Kief.

What’s more, presto! You have your own custom made maryjane caviar sunrocks.

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks

Order Top Blueberry Moonrocks


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